We are central Thailand leading exporters, and integrated import
distribution company. We have the most extensive domestic as well as
International network covering over entire Indian states for our product
& services.
For Frozen Meat our associate plants are
situated in Bangkok Thailand .We also have
associations in various plants across the globe. The plants are situated
in a lush green, animals are treated well with proper hiegine &
well maintained staff

To establish continuing excellence in sales & services focused on the individual customer and to make an extra increment of Thailand all small & big enterprises. In pursuit of sustainable leadership of quality services, We have evolved a good name for quality exports & needy imports. We have ascertained the first-class professional panels in the Far East, middle East, Central African countries, west Europe, UK, New Zealand, Canada & the USA for Indian goods. We also have a unique collaboration with various Chinese & Japanese companies to execute best imported goods for our local clients. We are expert for :-

      Exporting Thai goods to all open markets.

      Imports in Thai on order basis.

      Tenders on public & commercial goods contracts.

      Trade events, promotions & brand building.

      Regular convention of goods, establishing relations.

       The NSP INTL commenced to provide 100% trade satisfaction to
        their valued customers. We are one of the largest exporters &
        importers based in central Thailand Since 2007. The company always has a
        zeal to excel & to provide the best quality products at most
        competitive prices, Fast services, easy payment options in the
        Marketplace. We offer exclusive sales & services to our Indian as
        well as International clients.  

        Helping intermediates with suitable products & sources